Shelby County has a rich history that includes legends of buried treasure, Civil War skirmishes, a Civil War hospital and Confederate cemetery. The Creek Indians were driven from this land as well during the time of the Trail of Tears. There are many stories, and hauntings, that exist in the area. Over 25 tales are written in my book Haunted Shelby County, Alabama which is part of the Haunted America series published by The History Press. It is available on and in local bookstores such as Barnes & Noble, Alabama Booksmith, Little Professor and Books-A-Million. I also have signed copies available in my store here. You can read more stories and see photos I share on my Haunted Shelby County Facebook page.

One of the ghosts of Shelby Springs, a former Civil War hospital, is a nun who tended to the wounded soldiers. She can be seen in this photo in the window behind the girls.


Some say that the old Buck Creek Mill site is haunted and have seen scary things there. I also encountered something mysterious there one night.

my demon.png